It sounds like a great thing to live to 90 years old. The average life span of Chinese people is only 73 years while the average life span of the most longevous Japanese is 83 years. Professor Hu Dayi, the famous cardiologist, has said many times in public health lectures: ''it is your fault if you cannot live to 90 years old!'' In this book, Professor Hu Dayi elaborates the secrets of health and he is good at popularizing science in popular language and with vivid stories and cases interspersed. ''I walk 10000 steps every day.'' ''As long as you quit smoking and limit alcohol, take reasonable diet and aerobic exercise, keep mental balance, depressurize, reduce blood glucose and cholesterol, you will stay away from cancer and prolong 10 years of life within 3 years. It is your fault if you cannot live to 90 years old.

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  • Édition: 1st