Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Reverse Aging, and Inspire Your Kids. Yes, you CAN get ripped in your 40's AND beyond. Learn how you can transform your body into a toned, fat-burning machine. Read on!

**Newly updated with muscle-chiseling 12-week exercise program and fat-blasting ketogenic meal plan!**

Take dead aim at the Dad Bod and earn some kudos from your kids while you’re at
it. Worthy provides a scientific, yet easy-to-follow approach to getting ripped in
middle age. His no-excuses strategy covers all angles of attack: resistance training,
how to intelligently implement cardio, diet, supplementation, and clearing mental
hurdles. Fully cited and expertly researched, even the intermediate fitness guru will
find new, valuable tips for busting through frustrating plateaus. Worthy cuts
through jargon and locker room “bro science” to unlock the Hollywood hunk in
every dad. Remember, the battle to getting shredded doesn’t just take place in the

Matt Worthy was your average 44-year-old father who, after one too many jokes
about his unathletic physique, vowed to exceed the energy, build, and mental
attitude of his twenties. Two years later, he’s in the best shape of his life and is
sharing his secrets to a six-pack lifestyle. He successfully conquered the Dad Bod
and so can you.

“Ripped Dad” Shares Battle-Tested Secrets:
• Learn how to get started and smash early obstacles
• Discover the most efficient workout techniques for building muscle
• Build a customized workout schedule
• Eat to get shredded without fad dieting
• Slow down aging at the cellular level
• Get the final word on CrossFit
• Start turning heads as the Hot Dad without counting calories
• Learn how hitting your fitness goals benefits the whole family
• Discern which supplements to consider and which to toss aside
• Learn how to combat age-related muscle loss and turn back the clock

Worthy cites over 200 of the most up-to-date research articles on getting fit in
middle age
—a powerhouse of tips, secrets, and strategies.
Forget What You’ve Overheard at the Gym:

• Form and control is more important than weight
• Diet alone can beat any workout
• You’re spending too much time on the treadmill
• Variety is a magic ingredient to getting ripped
• If you’re obsessing over reps, you’re missing the point
• You need to learn the concept of Time Under Tension (“TUT”)
• Discover how to calculate your Aerobic Zone (“AZ”) for maximum fat loss
• Harness the power of High Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”)
• Learn how adding a fitness regimen means MORE bonding time with the kids
• You can break plateaus with a good night’s sleep
• Put down the scoop: you’re taking too much protein powder
• How to meld popular diets at each stage in your transformation
• When to add creatine and other supplements to your diet
And discover much, much more!

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  • Date de sortie: 2018-01-18

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